Educational video on women and politics and electoral reform

Rt Hon Kim Campbell tells it like it is.

"In this world there are many ways in which women can represent the interests of men and men can represent the interests of women. But there are other ways in which each of the sexes experiences the world differently. And to exclude half of  your brains, half of your capacity from the most important function, which is the setting of rules by which the whole society has to live, is really nuts!"

"You know, a lot of men are really kind of with it, and they have more in their personalities than masculine stereotypes allow for. So when you get more women in an institution the men can be more of the things that they are."

"If you're going to understand why more women don't get elected into office, you have to understand something fundamental, which is that in most cultures, leadership is gendered masculine. And that sets up a whole lot of challenges for women to face in entering the political arena." 


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