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The members of the Advisory Council viewed Menocracy and we hope to promote its use with other women.  It is humorous, intelligent, outraged and whimsical. Every thinking woman should see it.
- Elsie Hambrook, Chairperson, New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women


Brava!!! "Menocracy" is a vibrant, engaging, often amusing, and hugely informative film -- and full of courage and common sense. Your great-aunt was present to me throughout and full of approbation.... The narration was wonderful, and you chose the British and American interviews very well.... Bask in a complex job deftly handled, and a credit to women and an important contribution to the women's equality movement.

- Gail Taylor, NB Coalition for Pay Equity


Such a good film. You really found the right tone.

- Joyce Hall, Grey Bruce Coalition of Peace and Justice


I loved it! I found it very powerful and thought provoking. I want to help promote it and get it out there any way I can.          - Nancy Clifford


I found the film impressively professional in every way, almost academic in its rigour of argument -- really beautiful. And I loved the moderate factual tone.... Overall, the tone and presentation was pleasant and very well stated with care and moderation.... quirky humour, but overall very professional.          - Neil MacLean (his summary below)


 I was in the Cellar yesterday, talking to some poli sci students about Menocracy, and was overheard by another young lady who also saw your doc.  She just HAD to come over and say hello and agree with me on how great Menocracy is.      - Bronwen


Members of the Saint John Probus Women's Club, Nov. 2010:

The presentation was excellent, both in text and photograpy. It was clear and concise and the facts were given in an orderly fashion with humour. I was impressed by the obvious research that went into the preparation of the documentary.    - Edie Wrench

VERY thought provoking documentary. I really enjoyed it today.   - Lorna Taylor

Wonderful. I think it should be shown in all the high schools. A bit long but it could be shown in periods of 20 minutes.   - Anne Burns [note: menu subdivides dvd into 4 parts]

It was a real eye opener!   - Nina Fulton

It was well done, thought provoking and should be shown in all high school classes and universities. Also to governing bodies, local and provincial.   - Muriel Flood


summary by a viewer

The film is about 1 hour 20 minutes. It is very professional in presentation and content, punctuated by some quirky humour.

The focus of the film is the gross under-representation of women in the politics of Canada, the US and the United Kingdom. The film is full of well presented, quite striking factual information. Expert academics are interviewed. Kim Campbell has many clips in it where she makes very objective-seeming and well presented observations.

The under-representation of women is impressively demonstrated by both absolute statistics and statistics relative to other countries.

First the need for women in politics is explored.... Evidence of the deleterious effects of missing adequate attention to women's concerns is given.

Then the reasons for women not being politically present are explored. This was most interesting and informative. It isn't anything to do with women being unelectable, because the evidence is that they are quite electable. The problem is that they don't become candidates for a host of reasons that are explored and explained. And a number of the reasons which bring about this situation are related to existing male over-dominance. This is well done and quite credible in the details of the presentation.

Then the question is explored as to how to overcome the existing problem, and there are several good suggestions here, eventually getting to the "controversial" suggestion of at least temporary quotas which makes perfect sense in the context of the previously explained reasons why the existing system is inherently self-perpetuating.

Finally there is an explanation of why a system of proportional representational voting would markedly help women's political emergence. That too was enlightening.

Overall, the tone and presentation was pleasant and very well stated with care and moderation.... quirky humour, but overall very professional.

- Neil MacLean



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